Rental and Service Fees

Let the Good Times . . . Float!! 

Coffee Bluff Marina



Vessel Hoist
                   $20 In-Out Minimum for boats up to 20 feet in length.
                   $1/foot for each additional foot over 20 feet.
                   $10 extra charge for rigging of large front spreader bar and use of belly strap or 2 end straps.
                   $10 extra charge for rigging of stern belly strap. 

                   $10 One-Way hoist for boats up to 20 feet, then $1/foot for each additional foot.
                   $80/hour for hoist after hour rental.

                   $20 for Jet Ski.


Wet Slip Dock Space
                   Long Term (annual contract) - $12/foot/month 
                   Short Term (month to month) - $15/foot/month

      Notes on Wet Slip Dock Space:
                  All boats utilizing wet slips under a long term or short term plan must have signed contracts.
                  Rates are based on total vessel length which includes boat, motor and any/all appendages.
                  If multiple size boats will be docked at different times in a single slip during a given month, pricing will be calculated on the total   
                  slip footage available.

Overnight or Transient Space
$1.50/foot for each overnight stay for boats not using the hoist.

                 $0.75/foot for each overnight stay for boats using the hoist ($15 minimum).


Shore Power
                 30 amps            $40/month or $3/daily
                 50 amps            $60/month or $5/daily
                 WiFi                   Charges may apply

Dry Storage (limited to approximately 20 boats – price is for boat and trailer or trailer only)
                $100/month/vessel/trailer for boats/trailers up to 30 feet in TL (measured from trailer hitch to back of motor). 

                $125/month/vessel/trailer for boats/trailers over 30 feet in total length (measured from trailer hitch to back of motor). 

                $5/night/vessel/trailer for overnight parking for periods less than a month term noted above.

                 Complete in/out service, parking, fueling, motor flush, etc. also offered for a negotiated fee.


Kayak and Sailboat Launching
                $5/kayak or sailboat/day – non hoist use.

                $20/month – unlimited launching.

Pump Out

                $5 for each use.